There has been quite a bit of controversy lately regarding dupes to other products and buying from some companies. So has the dupe world gone to far? What are your thoughts? Has the beauty industry become so cut throat, that it is deemed as normal to basically bully other people into not buying products?


The beauty industry is a multi-billion pound business and each company wither they are big brands or indie brands, always want to be the first to come up with a product, new trend. As the season’s change so do beauty trends and fad’s. If we just look over the past few years we have seen highlighters explode on the scene, especially the rainbow highlighters. Indie brands, drugstore brands etc all come out with their own take on it. Most are very similar with only a few different colours in a round pan. So when one company comes out with something “new” (I use that term loosely) does this mean that now other company can? Incase it is called a dupe and people get angry?

There seems to be at times a gang mentality around how people see cosmetics. If one company comes out with lets say an eye shadow palette, then another company comes out with one that looks similar. Though the packaging is different material, the shades are slightly different colour and the formula is different. Should the second company be boycotted? What if people are looking for something that is still high quality, more affordable for them, and easier to get in their country without extortionate shipping fees and custom charges. Should they be hounded and told they have bad morals and made to feel guilty?

When did the industry become so hard upon both the companies and the consumers?


If we look back for years upon years and said that companies could not produce the same products, there would be very very little for people to choose from. Think of this, and take a look at your makeup bags and boxes. How many different brands of foundation, blush, mascara, lipstick do you own? Are they the same colour and do the same thing, but you wanted maybe two from different companies to compare? One wasn’t as expensive as the other? Now take away everything that you have thats similar or a duplicate to another item.  How much choice do you have? If you had to stick with the first one that you bought, would you always want to use that?


The one thing that I love about the beauty industry that so many people have forgotten about is, makeup and skincare is so personal and its freedom!! Makeup is art, so who are you to tell anyone else that they should not buy that, they should not wear that? How would you like it for other people to badger and harass you? The industry has became something that I thought it would never have become. If you like something then go for it, buy it and flaunt your beautiful self. We need to remember that your words are powerful tools, and can make or break someone’s day, week, month and business. We should be pushing each other to strive in our life’s and everything that we do, not pulling each other apart.


Please remember this is only my thoughts, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but sometimes its better to think before you speak.


Much Love XOXO

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