So if you are casper like me, then its amazing when you find a foundation light enough that you don’t need a white mixer! And guess what I have found a foundation and concealer that actually highlights! Through trial and error over 13+ years I am soo happy to be able to share the good one’s with you all!

The Naked foundation and concealer from Urban Decay both claim to provide flawless, buildable, weightless coverage, with a demi-matte luminous finish. I can agree with the weightless, flawless and demi-matte coverage. Im not 100% on the buildable as it did cake a tiny bit in some area’s (the foundation), though the concealer was a great coverage, and set on the undereye’s with the RMCA no colour powder, is a match made in heaven! No creasing!

So as you can see the packaging is very sleek on both of them. Hopefully you can tell that the concealer on the left is actually lighter than the foundation as well!! (Too exciting for me!) The concealer comes in 8 shades and I have Fair Neutral which is the lightest, it contains 5ml of product, but I usually only need to use one side of the applicator per under eye, so it does last a long time. The foundation comes in a fantastic 21 colours and again I have the lightest shade in 0.5 which is a perfect match. It contains 30ml of product (1 Fl. oz.) which is normal.

The wear time is a long one! It doesn’t usually tend to start breaking up until 12+ hours of wear. I have used different primers underneath this, going from silicone based, coconut water based, water and oil based, all seem to work really well. It does give a flawless finish and may stick to some dry areas but only slightly, and I notice I do get a tiny bit oily which is natural. This is a foundation I use if I want a bit fuller coverage and cover my freckles a bit more.

 The top swatch is a light layer of the foundation, that you can see has good coverage and the bottom swatch is half of one side of the doe-foot applicator. These have been blended slightly with a beauty blender. The coverage and lightness speak for themselves! I am very happy with both of these and happy to say the concealer is my HG!!

The price of the concealer is £19 on the Urban Decay website and $28 on Sephora.

The price of the foundation is £28.50 on the Urban Decay website and $40 on Sephora!


Hope you enjoyed my review and let me know if you have found any amazing foundations!! xoxo

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  1. I think I’m going to try this I’ve sampled and really loved it , it’s a toss up between this and nars sheer glow

    • Honestly hunni you will love it!! Id go for the UB one as I havent tried the Nars one yet. xx

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