Scentpick – review

How amazing would it be to get a different perfume every month, sent you your house and you choose what you want? Well this is an awesome subscription service that is available to us in the UK! From a company called Scentpick.  I have been using their service for about 5 or 6 months now and I am really happy with it. I like to change up my perfume most days but also with seasons, but when a new bottle is around £50 for the one scent, it can become expensive. Here’s where Scentpink comes in.

You sign up on their website which is and the service costs £12.95 per month, on your first month if you use the code SCENTPICK5 you get £5 off. Also on your first month you will get a reuseable case to carry your perfume safetly.


This is the holder with a perfume vial in it. To be able to spray all you do is, twist the top half of the holder and the vial pops up! Then twist again in the opposite direction to close it and not loose any product (the amount of times perfume has spilled in my bags as the lids have came off, is severely annoying!. The vials themselves hold 8mls of perfume which is equal to 120 sprays, and last you comfortably 30 days. Which im not going to lie, I didnt think it would last, but it really does!! I use about 3 sprays at a time, and with a lot of these perfumes you do not need to re-spray throughout the day as they are long-lasting!


Here are three vials that I have nearly used up. What I really like and what made me start this subscription is the different perfumes that they have available and get updated monthly! Currently they have 43 different scents to choose from. Ranging from; DKNY, Rhianna, Vera Wang, Lancome, Beyonce and Viktor Rolf. So there is something for everyone! Its gives you a breakdown of the notes in each perfume and allows you to pick what you want for the next year, or be daring and choose Surprise Scent and they will choose a perfume for you!

This is a service I can see me using for a long time and can’t wait to see what perfumes they have available next!


Much Love XOXO

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