Who doesn’t want a spa at home that will give you brightening skin, that has long term anti-ageing effects??? I know I would love that! So when I got a sample size of the Oskia Renaissance mask I had to try it out straight away!


As you can tell it is a wee baby size. I had got this in a gift bag from www.beautybay.com, which has slowly become my favourite website for a lot of beauty items, that are really hard to find in Glasgow and the UK. The downlow on this mask is; designed to increase cell turnover, long term anti-ageing, boost radiance, smooth and refine the skin and give an all over illumination. This is a thick gel that is initially pink and once you have properly massaged it into the skin, it turns a milky white, helping you know that you have applied it correctly.


It is for all skin types (big plus!). After the first time I used it I noticed my skin was a bit red after but OMG was my skin smooth and glowing! When it says it helps to remove dead skin, the small flakes I had on the tip of my nose and forehead were gone, bye bye! For it being a peel I can confirm this. It’s not like a chemical peel, I must stress this. I have used it for three weeks and once a week, and this is as much as my skin can take, without breaking out.

It doesn’t really have a scent to it maybe a slight hint of rose, even though it contains; passion fruit, grape, lemon and grapefruit AHA’s (use a SPF after this mask!), theres also chamomile, so its relaxing to use at night. To help you relax. As with all masks use it on cleansed skin, and leave it on for 10 – 20 minutes. I have found 10-12 minutes enough for my skin. Then splash a little water on to activate the second phase, and again massage into the skin, then rinse off. Like how easy is that??

This is becoming a favourite and I have noticed a slight tiny reduction in pore size, but with more use you should see more. You can get this on www.beautybay.com for full size of 50ml for £49.50. Yes its expensive but I think it is worth it!

Have you tried it? Let me know! Much love XOXO

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