Well holo and thank you for anyone that has stuck by me the past few months.


There has been a lot happening in my life and I haven’t been active at all here. Which I do apologise about. I am more active on my IG which is Pale Cherry Beauty as well.

So I did have travelling of 13 hour 5 days a week to and from my place of work, and trying to fit in a relationship, friendships and keep my health up. I found it really difficult to keep my blog going. So I took some time away to have a different outlook and approach.

I have just recently had an accident at my place of work which has injured my shoulder so that is giving me a bit of a set back BUT in really good news, I have moved to my own place with my boyfriend and have a beauty room and work place set up, also a schedule to stick by for the blog. So please do expect more from me now. I moved a week ago and already settled in. (just need the beauty room finished!) But I am excited to get back into writing, and doing different reviews, but also some more in-depth articles into the world of beauty.


What you can expect from my next post and review does have a lot to do with the main picture! And it is worth the wait lol. Lets just say HOLO HEAVEN and yummy!!


So I shall see you all soon and again love ya all XOXO

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