This is a bit more of an in-depth review for myself, but these are two products I need to tell you about! As I have said my skin is combo and I have had quite bad breakouts/acne the past few months, especially around my chin area. I decided to try different skincare and treatments. I know it can be hard to keep up with an in-depth routine but when you have two different products that work during the night when you sleep, sign me up!!! So here are two reviews in one for you!

These are the two gorgeous bottle from Kiehl’s on the right you have the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, and on the left you have the Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate. First I will talk about the Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

This is a recovery elixir that just 2-3 drops to cleansed skin before bed will work miracles. It is said to restore healthy appearance overnight, for younger-looking, smoother skin by morning. It is made up of 99.8% naturally derived ingredients which have been chosen to boost intensive moisture to depleted skin.

It has Evening Primrose Oil; which is rich in Omega-6 fatty acids and therefor packed full of essential GLA which we need for smoother, healthier skin. It helps reduce water loss, which in turn leaves skin smooth and plumped. GLA is a good anti-inflammatory for the skin, so it will de-puff the skin and help reduce any inflammation.

Lavender Essential Oil; which calms the skin and the mind, as it has been used for centuries in aromatherapy for its relaxing properties. Again using this at night will help relax you before bed, while protecting and rejuvenating your skin!

Squalane; Which is Kiehl’s signature ingredient, and this is the miracle part to all of their skincare! It acts as an excellent skin emollient and easily absorbed to help restore the skin’s moisture balance. It will also help combat the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The earlier you start anti-ageing the better.

It is 1.0 fl oz or 30ml. I would highly recommend this to any one with any skin type. It won’t make you more oily or more dry, and you notice a difference after the first night! This has helped me soo much.

Now on to the second wonder product. This is the Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate (that is a mouthful). I know what you are thinking, a peel. Ooo this can be bad BUT this is not like a chemical peel and won’t make your skin literally peel off, or go bright red for days. It helps to refine the feel of rough texture and reveal newly radiant, refreshed skin.

It claims you will notice softer and more radiant skin the next day after one use, skin texture refined and tone evened out after one week and improved quality of skin and fine lines after four weeks. I have tested this for over a month I agree with every claim.

The ingredients:- Quinoa Husk Extract; which increases the cell turnover of the skin’s surface area.

Cactus; helps protect the skin against damage.

Phytic Acid; stimulates the exfoliation process.

Alpha Hydroxyl Acid; which is known for helping to renew the skin.

Now as it is a peel you should still make sure that you are using a sunscreen, as it also contains AHA.. You again only need 2-3 drops of this for your full face. Don’t use too much or your face will feel sticky and it can pill up.

It again comes in 15 fl oz or 30ml.

There is a reason that I have mentioned these two products. They are recommended to be used together and 96% of Kiehl’s customers said their skin felt more supple after one week. I use both of these every night and its the best my skin has every felt. It has less texture, so hydrated, no more peeling nose or forehead and I swear my pores are reduced! I let them sink in for around 15 minutes before applying the next and 30 minutes before applying my moisturiser.


Skincare is an investment and I would never suggest to go and buy something without your own research, but even see if you can get samples. You will see a difference straight away.


Let me know your holy grail or miracle skincare products. Much love xoxo

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