So I think we have noticed so far that I like my highlighters!! Two of the biggest and most blinding ones I have tried are Jeffree Star’s Skin Frosts! I have had the Ice Cold one for a few months now and used it nearly every day and looks nearly untouched, and Princess Cut I have had for two months and again looks untouched. That’s how amazing these are! Ok before I gush anymore let me show you them haha!!


So these are the highlighters or skin frost’s. They are in a huge bright pink packaging and have a fantastic mirror in them. They are 15g or 0.53oz, which is a large amount.

The highlighter on the top Ice Cold and the bottom is Princess Cut. Ice Cold is a very icy white that is very reflective and amazing for pale skin. Princess Cut is a baby pink which isn’t as reflective but you could still see it from a few miles away haha! I use these with the Morphe 501 brush, which packs on the shimmer and looks flawless. As you can see you can still see the J Star logo and these have been used a lot. The product is not glittery at all, it is really shimmery. It is like butter to put it bluntly and if you want to glow to the gods, you need this product!

There’s days where I will also use this as an inner corner highlight and it makes your eyes really pop!

So the swatches are in  order from top to bottom; finger swatch of Ice Cold, then brush swatch of Ice Cold, finger swatch of Princess Cut, brush swatch of Princess Cut. As you can see you can pack it on and it gives a gorgeous glow. There are other options available but I find these are the best suited colours for very pale skin!


You can purchase them from Jeffree Star’s website or from the UK you can get them on Beauty Bay.


Thanks again for your time! Much love xoxox


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