I like so many other people love liquid lipsticks! They are not high maintenance at all, so you can go a full work day with eating and drinking, with knowing that your lipstick is not going to budge!

I have tried many different brands, but today I am going to concentrate on my Jeffree Star collection. As you can see I have his summer collection (bar Queen Bee as I gave it to a friend who could rock it better than me!) and a few from his permanent collection.

So I will start with the summer collection:

From top to bottom; Watermelon Soda, 714, Virginity, Nude Beach and Queen Bee.

They all have a yellow lid with the pink stars. They are highly pigmented but I have found that 714 is a bit streaky, they smelt of Watermelon Jolly Ranchers!! Also lasting power again was over 13 hours for me. Most just needed one layer and was not drying!

Below is my current collection:

From left to right: Virginity, 714, Nude Beach, Mannequin, Doll Parts, Watermelon Soda, Prom Night, Redrum, Dominatrix, Abusued and Jaw Breaker.

I have noticed that some have a root beer scent (which i dont hate!) but they all hold a high quality! Redrum I wore on Christmas and it was the perfect red, that lasted through a full meal and some Prosecco! People may think the blue colours are not wearable but I done an ombre lip one night, and it got many comments which were all really nice! Here is a picture of them.


As Jeffree Star Cosmetics is a USA Indie brand you can order from his website alone, or order from Beauty Bay, which ships to the UK and Europe now. I have included a link directly to the velour liquid lipsticks on the beauty bay site which are £16 each: http://bit.ly/2h256dd

I hope you liked my post and any questions please dont hesitate to ask! There will be more swatch and review posts coming soon!

2 thoughts on “Jeffree Star Lip Velour Collection (so far)

  1. Love the blue lipstick! Not sure if I can pull it off though. Great beauty blog x

    • Awww thank you huni! And I am positive that you would be able to pull the blue lipstick off!! xx

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