Now I think we all know that 2016 was the year of the glow!! It seems that this is a trend that is not going anywhere in 2017 either. I for one am not complaining!

There are so many ways to “get your glow on” now but my preferred highlight is in a pressed powder form. I have found a small palette that is both a highlight and blush/blush topper, that is perfect for very pale skin and someone that doesn’t want a silver highlight.

Let me introduce you to I Heart Makeup’s Light and Glow palette. I Heart Makeup is owned by Tam Beauty who also own; Makeup Revolution and Freedom Makeup.

OK yes it is a bit different packaging BUT this is why I love the brand. They mix high quality with fun packaging. So it looks like a pink and white melted chocolate bar. It includes two coloured powders, one a pink with a gold reflect and then a straight pale gold highlight. The compact also contains a mirror.

I have included a swatch in natural lighting (top picture) and one with the flash on (bottom picture). As you can see they are very different colours but have a gold reflect. These powders are very soft to the touch but are durable as well. I find they are best applied with a fan brush. Both have fantastic lasting power and really pop when using a setting spray! They are not the most blinding that I have but I love them.

I have attached the link to this highlight from Tam Beauty website, where it is priced at £6 :


I hope this post brightened up your day! xoxo

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