Having blue eyes and using the colour wheel as a guide, I thought I would dable in red/orange eyeshadow colours. And I am soo happy I did, they make blue or green eyes really pop! I am going to let you know the 9 most used colours that I use which are single shadows. The palette of choice for me is the Anastasia Beverly Hills – Modern Renaissance palette (this is needing a full post of its own!) So read on to know the best 9 colours I have found for my pale princess skin tone and blue eyes.

Now before you say anything, I know there has been controversy about the Z-Palettes lately. But the way I see it, is if I already have it then why not put it to use. So that’s out the way. This is a small magnetic palette that holds 9 shadows securely, which is great for your everyday favourites or as a way to take some shadows away when your on a trip (this has been taken with me on a work trip). So from top to bottom row, left to right I will let you know what they are and in swatches.

This is the top row, top shadow is Makeup Geek’s Vanilla Bean which is a very pale yellow slight glitter (not noticeable) colour, that I typically use to set my eye primer as it evens out my skin tone. The middle shade is Makeup Geek’s Sorbet, which is a very pale pink which can be used as an eyebrow highlight or for a nice colour on the inner third of the eye, and the bottom is actually The Balm’s – Balm Desert, which is a bronzer blush, which is a fantastic crease shade! Yes breaking the make up rules :D.

Now this is the middle row and a bit hard to show the duo chrome goodness of the top shade, which is Makeup Geek’s Im Peachless, this is a peach with a pink reflect and used in the inner third or for a spotlight eye. The middle shade is Makeup Geek’s Poppy, its used to deepen the outer crease or v shape, and under the eye, its an orange red. Then the bottom colour is Morphe’s Brick – this is a true red, that is soo pigmented! I love love this this shade!

Final row and two duo chromes here, all of these shades are Makeup Geek (yes I do find their shadows are pigmented, brilliant quality and great price point!) Top colour is duo chrome Mai Tai -this is an apricot with orchid reflects, its not as duo chrome but the shimmer is stunning, and as you can see my most used. The middle shade is a new one and Anarchy – a medium marsala with a shimmer finish. I have found this can be used all over the lid, in the outer corner to deepen and smoke an eye look and again under the lower lid. Finally the bottom shade is by far is Havoc – which is a warm red-base with teal reflect. This shows more of the brown but as soon as the light hits you can see the teal. I use this mostly with MAC Fix + to make it show more.

All of these finger swatches are two swipes and no primer or Fix+. That is how pigmented these shadows are!

Here is a line up of all of them where you can see the duo chrome a bit more.

If you like this and would like to see the purple’s that I use then let me know!

Much love as always xoxo

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