Benefit’s box blushers and bronzers have been around for quite a while and are very much loved! I will be completely honest and state I have only bought a mini Hoola and was a bit disappointed as it was too dark for my very pale skin! But I always had my eye on the Dandelion face/cheek powder and Rockateur blusher. Then Benefit launched the Hoola Lite and I knew this would be perfect for me, but I couldnt get it as and individual product in the UK, then Benefit goes and launches the Cheek Parade kit ūüėÄ OMG I was in love straight away!¬†

It contains the three powders I wanted, also Hoola (which when I use tanning products this actually works well for me, and also an awesome eyeshadow!) and then their other new blusher the Galifornia!

As with all of Benefit box powders they all come with a brush, but Im not keen on this shaped brush. So I purchased the Hoola bronzing and contouring brush (how gorgeous is the bamboo design??!!). The brush I wouldn’t use for contouring but it is great for bronzer and really does distribute the product nicely and blends so well.

Not part of the review but loving the different holo nails I done :D! Anyways back to the Cheek Parade. To break it down for you, the boxed powders are normally 5 Р8 grams and all cost £24.50. The Cheek Parade has the 5 full sized powders and costs £49.50!! Its 50p dearer than buying two TWO of the powders, so with this kit for again 5 full sized powders you are saving £73!! I could not say not to this and so happy that I bought it!


Swatches from left to right; Rockateur, Galifornia, Dandelion, Hoola Lite and Hoola. Now I do have a slight tan just now (haha I know it does not look it!) But the Hoola Lite works really well for pale skin and Hoola is working for me just now. These swatches are slightly heavier than what I would use on my face. I also found Dandelion is a great brightening powder. I used a new setting powder under my eyes and it made them slightly yellow/orangey and darker, so this powder really helped to brighten it back up. (Review of that new “translucent” powder will be up soon.) Both blushers to pack a punch, but have a spray over on each. This is annoying and I dont get it, why do companies insist on doing this? There’s a slight gold shift spray over on the Galifornia and a glitter spray over on the Rockateur. Once these have gone I like the blushers a lot better. Also the scents of some of these powders is gorgeous! And doesnt stay around long.

This is going to be a possible H.G product in my makeup collection as I travel back and forth from my house a lot, and instead of bringing 4 different containers around with me, I only need this 1 very sturdy palette!! I highly suggest going and purchasing this kit and its a fantastic value for money!


Much Love XOXO

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