Now I don’t know about you, but I am not one for wearing lashes everyday, only on special occasions. I used to wear individual lashes everyday for about a year straight and that was a bad idea! My lash line was going bald and I did have really long lashes! So after learning my lesson and deciding I will only wear strip lashes now and again, I was on the hunt for nice lashes, that made an impact but were not £20!! Seriously when did they become so expensive??

As you do I was looking through Instagram and found a girl from Scotland who makes her own mink lashes at a reasonable price currently £6.99 and you can use them 20+ times. So being the inquisitive one I am I ordered a few pairs (lol yip not just 1). They came packaged really well and I was soo impressed with the quality of them. I have worn the two pairs below at least 5 times and they are still brand new looking. The first pair that I have never had to trim down and feel comfortable, even after 10 hours of wear.


These are the Flutter lashes and honestly how gorgeous are they! The band is a bit thicker so I have found using a winged liner definitely helps!

But I think these one are my favourite!! These are in the style Millie and they are a show stopper lash! I got asked so many times what lashes I was wearing and where to get them from! So if you are on IG just look out for BECCALASHESUK and follow her. She is really sweet and so creative with her different lashes.

Just a short review this time but as always Much Love XOXO

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