Now I don’t know about you but as I child I loved peeling PVA glue off my hand. I think this is why I love peel-off masks now!! And what’s better is I’m going to compare two metallic masks for you.

This is the Origins GinZing peel-off mask and Glamglow’s Gravitymud peel-off mask. I will start with the slight duo-chrome one of the two, which is Origins GinZing. It starts out an orangey copper, as it dries it becomes a rose gold/copper duo chrome!

It is £24 for 75ml, this has lasted me so far 5 full faces and there is product left for at least another 3 full faces. It is fortified with coffee beans, to help lift dead skin cells, dirt and debris to boost the skins glow. I can 100% say it works! This also took some baby hairs off my face. Yes it is a bit stingy but after I have used it my skin looks a lot better and there is no dead skin or white heads.


Hopefully you are able to see the colour ok in this swatch. It is best to use a slightly thicker layer to make sure it is easy to peel off and also a synthetic brush!

Now on to the Glamglow Gravitymud.

Now this comes in a glass jar, you get 40g and it is £39. Yes a bit more expensive but you do get a mini brush with it (I forgot to photograph it, sorry!). It is powered by TEAOXI marshmallow & Licorice leaf. This smells amazing! It’s like coconut heaven, It is a chrome colour and very easy to apply. It is designed to firm the skin and look more lifted. It does really firm the skin and does moisturise it well!


As you can see it is deffinatley metallic!! Again use a synthetic brush and apply a thicker, even layer to make removal easier.

Side by side swatches.

If I was to recommend one I would ask what you were looking for; firmed skin? or removal of dead skin and brightness? I love both of these masks and use them both 3 times a week on different days.

I hope you liked the battle of the masks! If there are any others you would like to see, let me know below! xoxo

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